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To optimize the website of an enterprise-level, subpar SEO agencies won't cut it. You need an enterprise SEO firm that is equipped with the power to make an impact of the same size as your business. SEOKOT has the resource and potential for enterprise search engine optimization you need.

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Over the past few years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of SEO agencies on the internet. This makes the decision of choosing one company for their SEO service challenging. However, let us make your decision comparatively easier for you by telling you how we operate.

  • We have been in the business longer than most SEO service providers out there.
  • We follow only data-driven SEO practices that are calculated to yield measurable results.
  • Our team of experts takes care of our SEO checklist and side strategies as well.
  • Our representatives are available throughout the day and night to assist our clients.
  • We are highly responsive to queries and believe as our utmost duty to cater to each client first.
  • We provide monthly reports on the progress of SEO results to our clients
  • We keep our clients in the loop of each step we take to ensure their complete satisfaction
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The internet is a battlefield where only the best can survive and take over. Your competitors are well-equipped with experts, resources, keywords, marketing experts, and much more. If you wish to win this battle against them, you need to adopt better strategies. The business industry is the most competitive out of all the industries out there. Our approach is data-driven, well-thought-out by our experts, and calculated to bring your website maximum benefits. Winning a battle does not necessarily require resources in excess, but we have them just in case. Our team of experts, SEO tools and resources, knowledge of keywords, and experience in SEO enables us to help you win your battle against your competitors. Our SEO package includes an extensive competitor analysis that enables us to discover your competitors and monitor their activities and approaches they take. Following this, we tweak our SEO plan accordingly with additional SEO steps that are devised to keep your competitors under consideration. With our focused approach, your small business is guaranteed to flourish.

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Content plays a pivotal role in a website's rankings on the Google search engine results page. Keywords are what bring a user to a website, and keywords are what visitors search for before coming across results. Therefore, it is essential for your website content to have all the top-used keywords in it to make it more relevant to the user's searched query. The more relevant your content is, the friendlier the content appears to be to search engines. Hence, we optimize your content according to the search engine guidelines and carry out a thorough content promotion plan for your content and ultimately your small business to reach the desired audience. To generate unique content that sells is one quality we have, but carrying out content marketing that makes this optimized content reach a large audience is another SEO process of ours that we perform elegantly.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our small business SEO services are executed to help your business achieve the goals you wished for when you first started your business. Our SEO services for small businesses cover numerous marketing strategies to help your website gain more leads by growing your website traffic. We know which website traffic matters fundamentally to a business's growth and the contribution it makes to achieve particular results. Our team uses this knowledge and their prior experience in SEO to help you reach your desired goals and the SEO results we promised you. Each SEO package of ours is priced reasonably, keeping your convenience under consideration. Ranking high and achieving measurable results has never been made easier than our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

We Take Care of Your
Social Media Marketing

All marketing strategies go hand in hand because they contribute to making your site reach the right audience and automatically boost your sales. Our small business SEO service includes taking care of all your social media pages and handling them to make them reach another part of your target audience that doesn't entirely rely on the search engine. Since this part of your audience relies on social media while making their choices, we ensure your site is their go-to place for their needs. We also know how to reap maximum benefits from this type of audience through our blog posts with links to your site. Your website traffic matters before anything else, but handling other parts of your business is a pivotal part of our SEO services for small businesses.

A Well-equipped
Team of Experts

A mediocre small business SEO service is merely effective in bringing in big numbers for your website. If you wish to perform better and leave all the big companies behind to establish your company as the best one, you need our small business SEO services. Our team of experts:

  • possess all the right tools like Google Analytics to make things work in your favor.
  • know how to use premium-quality links to your site to establish trust.
  • have access to all the relevant keywords to make your content SEO-rich.
  • hold experience in optimizing websites and helping companies establish visibility.
  • have knowledge of how search engines operate and to use this knowledge for your benefit.
  • know where and how to use links to give you a higher domain authority.
There is More to
SEO than Keywords

As a small business owner, you need to be very careful of which services you choose for your company in the long run and where you get them from. There are many SEO companies out there that believe that keywords are all it takes to carry out an efficient SEO strategy. For our experts that have been in the industry for more than several years, we know there is a lot more to it. Hence, we take care of all aspects of your website, from the web design, marketing practice, company overview, the quality of links, your cookie policy, and much more. Our content generators avoid keyword stuffing to the maximum and come up with premium quality content that sells.

Stay Updated at All Times
With Our Effective Team

Staying updated on your website's performance is imperative for every owner that has invested something in their SEO services. Undoubtedly, every company owner wants to see results from small business SEO services, and we help them access this information. Our team comprises individuals that take all the data about your website traffic and the sources of each traffic. In addition to this, we use graphs to notice trends and to keep track of those strategies that are working out optimally for your website and also those that are not that cost-efficient. We compile all this information in a report at the end of each month and give our clients access to it. In this way, our clients can keep updated on what's happening on their website and how well our small business SEO services are working out for them. Another reason why this approach is effective is that our clients do not need to reach out to us again and again just to know how well the numbers are doing because our reports will be doing it for them.

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What Our SEO Services for
Small Businesses Have to Offer

We offer a complete SEO package to our clients, ensuring that we've catered to each need of theirs. The top experts from our team holding experience and knowledge in the industry sit together to come up with unique strategies for each business owner that comes to us. We help people achieve their goals, and we do everything in our capacity to help them achieve that. We set tough deadlines for each strategy of ours to delay any inconveniences because we wish to be as efficient as we can in providing you the best. Hence, whatever plan or tactic we adopt, whatever methodology we choose to follow, we ensure that they're all data-driven and calculated to yield maximum benefits. We ensure that each step's cost is justified to bring in numerous advantages to boost the growth of your business.

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Are You Finding It Challenging To Make
Your Content Reach Your Desired Audience?

Let our content marketing experts help you reach your goals.

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Asked Questions

SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, is the procedure of optimizing a business website according to search engines. SEO includes optimizing a website by including all relevant keywords in it to improve the website's search rankings on Google. The way SEO works for businesses is that when a user searches a particular query for a small company, there are hundreds of results that show up. However, if a small business's website is optimized according to SEO strategies, that particular website would be the first or among the first ones to show up on the Google search engine results page. This is due to the relevancy of the content containing the right keywords to the user's searched query. To conclude, optimizing a website by keeping search engine guidelines and Google index under consideration to perform search engine optimization brings the small business better rankings on Google that work in its favor.

A small business owner needs to be very careful about investing in the right strategies because the initial investment and strategy planning is the make or break point of a small business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is proving to be the ultimate strategy to gain higher rankings on Google and attract a quality audience to your business website. Since this traffic contains users that have searched the query for your business themselves, they have the tendency to turn into clients. Hence, this traffic is of a higher quality as compared to other marketing strategies for small businesses that may or may not bring quality traffic to the website. An SEO strategy is focused on making your website rank high or on the first page of Google. A high ranking brings a lot of benefits to small businesses. For instance, brand visibility and brand awareness are increased once your business website is being showcased on the first page of Google. In this way, your business reaches an audience that is actually interested in what you have to offer with a higher probability of turning into long-term clients.

The price of SEO varies from an SEO company to another and from a service provider to another. Most SEO companies charge according to the small business SEO package they offer and the services included in it. On the other hand, an individual SEO service provider charges somewhat less, but it doesn't necessarily include the other services in it. Hence, the cost of an SEO package depends on the agency or service provider and also the number of services that are included within the package.

Yes, SEO can help businesses big time. Being on the first page of the Google search engine results page brings a great sense of trust, reliance, and awareness of the business website. In this way, when a user comes across your website being the top one on the search results page, there is a higher probability of them clicking on yours than a website that ranks lower. More traffic and visits mean a higher conversion optimization rate can be expected. Moreover, SEO contributes significantly to making your website user-friendly to the audience. SEO also helps websites gain more and more leads, visitors, potential clients, clicks, and a trusted audience. To conclude, SEO brings countless benefits to a small business website and builds legitimacy and trust to the business.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of SEO services varies from one SEO company to another. It also varies from one service provider to another. The cost of an SEO service also depends on what the package includes and the number of services it contains. For an accurate estimate on your small business SEO, you can contact our representatives.