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Clicking breathtaking photos is important but marketing those pretty pictures is imperative to grow as a photographer. We can help you establish an online presence with a large audience that continues to grow with time through our advanced SEO for photographers. Contact us for details.

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Choosing one SEO company out of the numerous ones out there is a decision that requires a lot of contemplation. In today's unpredictable times, trusting one SEO agency with all your website information sounds threatening. However, we make sure our clients feel secure at all times due to:

  • We do not just promise results; we do everything in our capacity to deliver them.
  • We are a trustable agency with numerous clients whose websites are now leading Google.
  • Our representatives are available at all times to SEO guide our clients throughout the process.
  • We believe in being consistent. We optimize the content on your website regularly.
  • We value time and quality content. We get you all the results that we initially commit for.
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Being a leading SEO agency, we take care of each step of your SEO process. We carry out extensive keyword research to discover keywords that would contribute to the quality of your site content. Once we discover the keywords with our tools, we optimize your content accordingly. This includes your page title, on-page, and off-page content optimization as well. After content, we keep strong internal linking per page for quality backlinking. We also provide a blog post for your site as it brings massive referral traffic. We ensure to use SEO-rich keywords in whatever blog post we come up with for photographers too. In this way, if your blog post is trying to rank on the first page of Google, that is made possible too. Besides the essential processes, we provide monthly reports to our clients to keep them in the loop of their progress.

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We know how it feels to invest a tedious sum of money in a service or strategy but not get the results that you were promised. What's worse is when even after paying a massive sum for the SEO service, you have to keep asking them to update you on the progress of your photography site. However, our SEO company takes pride in the responsiveness, trustworthiness, and reliance that we give to our clients. We do not bug our clients even for a second because we realize the essence of time. Hence, each month we make a report of the results that are seen from our SEO strategies. These reports are entirely data-driven, describe each strategy in detail, have descriptions of the kind of internal linking and the progress of the user experience.

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Impeccable Content Generation Services

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We create the entire content for your site from scratch. We have an entire team of SEO professionals and copywriters that have expertise in generating engaging content. With the help of our proficient team, we create content that sells. If you're a wedding photographer that covers wedding events, our team would know how to use the right keywords, tone, and style to generate premium quality content. Moreover, this content can be used on various pages of your website, blog posts, or landing pages. Our content generation includes updating your alt text section for images in a way that they contain all the keywords that are abundant in SEO. We also use keywords in your blog post content.

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Social media is undeniably one of the best platforms a wedding photographer can get clients from. But, if you had to choose between social media marketing or optimizing your site according to search engines, what would you choose? While there is a limited number of people that use social media to look for wedding photographers, a majority of people use the search engine on Google for this purpose. Google has developed a sense of trust among the people, which is why they tend to rely on it more. Due to the better user experience and numerous results that show up after one query on the search engine of Google, most people look for photographers on Google than on social media. Hence, if you do not have your website optimized according to search engine guidelines, you would be missing out on this audience.

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A wedding photographer, a photography business owner, or just photographers may know how to use Google Analytics, but we know how to make maximum use of it. Our SEO experts have access to the advanced features of Google Analytics that we use for our photographers' benefits. The web analytics service allows us to keep track of where various types of web traffic come from. This web traffic may include referral, organic, or direct. Once we get to know the real numbers of each type of traffic, we make changes to your site accordingly by emphasizing those strategies that are working best and by eliminating those that are not cost-effective nor bringing any measurable improvements in the traffic.

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If you want customers to trust your business and get their wedding covered from you, you need to stand out on Google. The best way of doing so is by optimizing your content and pages according to search engine guidelines. We know how to optimize your site with the help of our experts to make it friendly to search engines. The way Google operates is when a user types in a particular word or phrase, which is their query, Google detects it as a keyword. In this way, when numerous users search for the same query on Google, that keyword becomes noticeable to Google. After this, Google makes an index where it notes down all the keywords along with the websites that are abundant of those keywords. So, whenever a new user searches a particular query that has a keyword recognized by Google, Google starts recommending those websites from its index whose content is most relevant to the keywords that are searched by the user.

Rank High On Search Results With
Our Effective Approach!

Are you tired of hiding in the last pages of Google? Let us change that for you.
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SEO for Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers have a lot of tasks to perform. Covering the entire photography for a wedding event is not an easy task. A wedding photographer needs to make sure that their client is getting all the shots they require. Moreover, coordinating with the clients and spending the entire day doing wedding photography is more exhausting than it sounds. Hence, our team makes sure that your photography site is optimized according to Google search engines. We use all the relevant keywords to create quality content for your site, something you could not have done, along with wedding photography as your pivotal focus. We also take care of all your photographers' social media and the important pages of your site whose content needs our attention. We ensure you're using the right SEO plugin and our experts have all the SEO tips that we follow to keep all your site pages optimized according to the search engine on Google.

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We Take Care of Your Blog Posts

A blog post is essential for a wedding photographer to make a huge name for himself. A wedding is a function that most individuals wait for their entire lives. Capturing the right emotions and doing impeccable wedding photography is great. But, until you don't have blog posts to explain how well of a wedding photographer you are, clients will not trust you or your service. Hence, it is our job to make sure that your wedding photography service has all the blog posts it needs to build a sense of trust and reliance with the audience. We cover all your blog posts within our SEO strategy. Moreover, we make sure that the blog post has a link to your website at the end of it for users to be directly sent to it.

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What We Take Care Of

We take care of all your SEO needs and your table of contents. We analyze your performance on the search console and decide our strategies accordingly. We look at all aspects of your site from the blog post, alt text, meta description, page title, image alt text, internal linking, and all the important pages of your site. Besides all these technical SEO terms, we also make your site more mobile-friendly for a better user experience. Your meta description is the essential factor behind your rankings, and it needs to be brief, engaging and must serve its purpose. Hence, meta descriptions are a great way to optimize your content according to search engines. You do not need to worry about perfecting it because we take care of your meta description for you.

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SEOKOT - A Trusted Name In SEO

If you have made it this far, you are definitely convinced to hire our SEO services. We take great pride in our growing number of clients who have put their trust in us. We never betray the trust of our clients. We show utmost enthusiasm from the time when we begin working with a client till when we are working on the last step of the SEO process. Our team of talented individuals is available at all times to respond to any queries you may have, and we work day and night to give quality services. Our experts are passionate about revamping a new site every once in a while and helping it unlock its true potential by optimizing its pages with content rich in keywords to get them all the leads they desire.

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We Prioritize Quality
Over Quantity

Most SEO service providers carry out mediocre SEO strategies for businesses that can actually achieve much more without having to spend that much. These shady agencies focus more on the quantity of the service they're providing and charge a drastically high amount for their ineffective services. You need to be cautious of such agencies and only commit to one that is trustable and provides services that are accounted for. We prioritize efficient strategies over any other aspect of your site. We want to fulfill our client's needs and help them gain the rankings their site rightfully deserves. Increase your rankings and get organic traffic to your site. With organic traffic that is genuinely interested in what your site has to offer, you can expect your conversion optimization rate to increase substantially.

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Asked Questions

SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, is the procedure of optimizing a website according to Google search engines. The process of optimizing a website and all parts of its content to make it more relevant to Google for it to recommend it to people searching for anything closely associated with your business, photography, in this case, is called SEO. It also improves the quality of the content that is present on your website and includes those keywords in it that make your website more relevant to the user's search query.

In this way, Google takes notice of your website and puts it in the Google index of all those websites that are systematically recommended to users. So, for instance, a photographer's website is optimized, keeping the search engine guidelines in mind. Now, if a user searches the keyword 'photographers for hire' or 'photographers near me,' that website would be among the first ones to appear on Google search results. Hence, the probability of that user clicking on your website would be higher and would put your website at a greater advantage than the other websites that are not optimized according to Google search engines.

Once a photographer's website is being recommended by Google on its first page, it ultimately brings numerous benefits to the photographer. Being on the first page of Google search results puts them in a higher authority to gain the highest quality traffic. Since all the users clicking on the photographer's website have come directly from their search query on Google, all this traffic is entirely genuine with a higher conversion rate from visitors to clients.

Once the photography website is optimized according to SEO guidelines, an increased amount of traffic goes to the website. Since this traffic is genuinely organic and comes voluntarily, most of these visitors turn into clients if they like the photography services the website has to offer.

SEO brings those visitors and potential clients to your website that may not have found you if it weren't for the internet. An increased amount of clients undeniably has major positive impacts on a photography website. More leads mean more sales, more revenue is generated by the client, making them more successful. Once a photography website is optimized according to search engines, it ranks on the first few pages of Google search results. This high ranking makes the website appear to be more trustworthy and reliable to the user that has searched for a photographer. People trust Google search engines more than anything.

In today's era, everyone searches online on Google when they want something, not in real life. Their way of determining which website is genuine and trustworthy is by looking at the ranking. If a website of a particular niche is on top, it has to mean something. Hence, this mindset is a pivotal contribution to why SEO is that marketing tactic or strategy that makes a website perform better in terms of growth, quality traffic, and ultimately revenue.

The cost of SEO for photographers varies from one SEO company to another or from one SEO service provider to another. The cost of those SEO plans is different who charge a certain amount per word. The cost of those SEO campaigns is, again, different, that follow long-term goals, evaluation, and processes to carry it out successfully. Hence, the cost of SEO for photographers depends upon the service provider or company you're going to and the type of SEO strategy they would follow for your website.

There is no fixed timeline to when your website would start reaping the benefits of effective search engine optimization. Most SEO companies would say that it might take about four to six months to start showing results. However, according to extensive research on this topic, it takes about six to twelve months for SEO efforts to start working. Moreover, the results achieved by an SEO plan after six months are assured to double by the time the duration of twelve months is completed.

As time passes by, the results of SEO start working slowly yet impactfully. The reason behind this lies in the fact that SEO is not like other ordinary marketing strategies or plans that take a few days or even hours to show results, which tend to vanish in a few weeks. SEO, on the other hand, may take considerably longer to start working, but when it does, the results are innumerable, massive, and highly beneficial to the photographer.

If you have zero experience in SEO, and you've only done photography your entire life, optimizing your website all by yourself could be a challenging task. You need to begin by doing lots and lots of research on how to carry out an effective SEO strategy and learning as much as you can. Once you've done your research on how to get started, you can make a list of all the SEO steps that you will be taking for your website. In this way, you can keep track of all the steps that you are following and the ones that need to be taken care of smoothly.

Now that you have all things in order, you can begin performing SEO by carrying out extensive keyword research on photography businesses. Discover the keywords that users are searching for when looking for a photographer and note them down in a sheet. You can use tools for this step or dig deep into the internet, whatever works best for you. Once you have found the right keywords, you step onto the second stage, which is content creation. You need to generate content for your website from scratch and include all these keywords in it. Avoid keyword stuffing and make sure your website content is easy to read and engaging.

You can also work on the on-page and off-page SEO parts of your website by learning about it. Once you've completed each SEO step that you mentioned in the list on the first step, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait a couple of months for it to start working.

However, if you wish to survive today's competitive photography industry, you need professionals working on your website, and we are here to provide you with that at affordable pricing.