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Who doesn't want to accelerate sales when it comes to their online store? Do you want your site to be visible to the right audience but using Bigcommerce SEO services? Search no more than! You're at the right spot. Our SEO team has the experience in delivering revenue-generating SEO strategies for online stores that run on Bigcommerce!

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Let our Bigcommerce SEO experts help you get the best e-commerce business experience which results in increased sales. SEO optimization, organic traffic, first-page rankings in search engines, and a lot more!

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Keyword Research
and Keywords Optimization

Optimizing Your Site, Ultimately, Means One Thing: Creating The Best Possible Result For Your Target Keyword.

Keyword Research and Keywords Optimization play an essential role in optimizing your Bigcommerce online store, especially since keywords are the basis of each SEO campaign and help you land on the search engine's result. If you're not targeting the correct keywords, your SEO strategy will not be sufficient. Or even worse, it will fail to deliver results. How to avoid failure? Let our SEO expert team do their magic! The SEO strategy at SEOKOT is to use efficient tools for thorough keyword research to provide you with the combinations of rich SEO keywords related to your niche, be it primary keywords or long-term benefitting ones, to make sure you land on the search engines result.

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Internal linking, Category
Structures, or Link Buildings?

A study shows that search
is the #1 driver of traffic to
content sites, beating social
media by more than 300%.

Search rankings, social media, organic traffic, content marketing, and so much more to make sure you get our SEO strategy's best results. Avail of our Bigcommerce SEO services tailored by our SEO experts, especially for your Bigcommerce site!

Often business owners will choose either one of the many tactics to promote their big commerce website. Why one, you may ask. It's because you can't just get the hang of these tools. To use it, you must know the hacks to it at the back of your hand. The efficient internal linking or link building in the online store will give a much-needed boost to your website and make it easier to rank higher amongst another Bigcommerce website.

Our Bigcommerce SEO experts will optimize the structure of your product page. Your website pages will be all well-organized category-wise with perfect navigation, too, but that isn't all. Increase sales, internal and blacklining profiles are all a part of the SEO strategy our SEO agency follows to give you real results.

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Our Bigcommerce SEO Services
& Strategy for Your Ecommerce Website

We give back results and
monthly audit reports to the
prominent commerce store
owner as a part of our SEO process!

We at SEOKOT are offering free e-commerce website analysis to business owners to make it easy for them. This has been helping e-commerce business owners to get started. It's all right if you are oblivious to whether or not you even need Bigcommerce SEO services, either way, we're here to help you! Our SEO partners are our top priority. We make sure they stay utterly confident in our assessment, and we give back results and monthly audit reports to the prominent commerce store owner as a part of our SEO process.

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What are we offering as an SEO Agency?

Exploit our years of
BigCommerce development
and SEO experience to help you
rise up in the SERPs!

  • We will make sure your e-commerce business' content gains diversification.
  • Our SEO experts make sure to maximize your search rankings using different techniques.
  • Searching and using SEO-rich keywords to attract a targeted audience for your Bigcommerce SEO Company.
  • Hunt the target audience.
  • It is crucial to satisfy any customer that lands on your page. Our Bigcommerce SEO services include designing and customizing the content to fulfill the user experience.
  • Making sure your rank doesn't get low on the GMB listing.
  • Link building, SEO optimization, and attracting traffic are a part of our SEO team's Bigcommerce SEO services. Our SEO agency will create an SEO plan for your Bigcommerce SEO store to benefit from it in the long run.
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Higher Rankings and Higher
Sales with our Bigcommerce SEO Services

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), eliminating the problems, and a lot more!

Staying ahead of your competitors is crucial for an e-commerce store at all times. Customers will visit your store, but it's your job to make sure they leave as your clients. Like we always say, turning your potential customers into clients is the real game.

It's not new for the online store business owners to struggle while turning the traffic into leads. Since they are new, they need to take their place in the Bigcommerce platform first. Our SEO experts will make sure customers who visit your Bigcommerce store leave as your clients. This has proven to be an effective way of gaining several benefits for your Bigcommerce website. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an element in those benefits.

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SEO Services

On Page SEO Off Page SEO SEO Audit Technical SEO Keyword Research
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SEO For Your Ecommerce Businesses!

Let our Bigcommerce SEO experts help you get the best e-commerce business experience which results in increased sales. SEO optimization, organic traffic, first-page rankings in search engines, and a lot more!

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Why Do You Need
Bigcommerce SEO Services
For Your Website Right Now

When it comes to online e-commerce stores, nothing is better than targeted organic traffic for your website. It is no secret that customers are more willing to buy from websites that are verified or are on the first page of search engine results because, let's face it, only 2% of people land on the second page.

Business owners have been using tools available on Bigcommerce to gain customers, click on, and, initially, organic traffic. Bigcommerce has a ton of free tools available to customize your site and design it to attract customers. But a lot of business owners have burned their money even after using the free tools. Why? Because even though Bigcommerce will provide you with the steps, it won't do the job for you. You need to make sure your e-commerce website to be on the first page of search engines, but how will you do that?

You won't; we will!

Our team of Bigcommerce SEO experts is the best in the on-going e-commerce cut-throat competition. The SEO team has proven techniques and tricks to maximize your website's visibility to hit the right audience. We make sure that you get every penny of investment in the form of revenue. Our professional Bigcommerce SEO services include:

  • Detailed monthly audit reports.
  • Researched keywords.
  • Quality content.
  • Optimized taglines (Meta descriptions, etc.).
  • Usage of updated keywords linked to your niche.
  • Every other aspect essential to place your Bigcommerce store on the top regarding the SERPs and keep it in the game with the help of backlinks from the high-quality content websites.

All this, and you will still have the authority over your Bigcommerce SEO content with a collaboration with our SEO experts!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for your Bigcommerce SEO website

Our team of SEO experts is highly skilled in Conversion Rates' Optimization for your Bigcommerce website. The Bigcommerce experts will help you boost your overall sales. They will judge and eliminate any practice that might be coming in the way of your Bigcommerce website CRO goals.

Let us take care of your Conversion Rate Optimization goals!

Technical SEO tactics
for your store

As we've said before: We target the right audience, not the big audience.

Marketing plays an essential role while promoting your Shopify website, but what is the key to efficient marketing? Marketing will help you gain customers, but we need to make sure they are the right ones. We're not targeting a big audience. Instead, we'll work on targeting the right audience.

Your store's search visibility and online rankings need to be useful to hit the bullseye, and that's what our SEO professionals are trained and specialized in. They work on developing an SEO strategy formatted and modified according to your store on Shopify. Our Shopify SEO experts are linked to Google's best practices and are wizards of Google analytics.

Our Services For
Your SEO Optimization

Our SEO team has been performing page SEO and audits for different e-commerce businesses and stores over the years, but our SEP services do not end here. The Bigcommerce SEO experts have worked on optimizing different Bigcommerce store speeds, fixing problematic errors at the back-end of an e-commerce store, and resolving issues using personalized SEO campaigns. Our SEO experts are known to work efficiently. You can use various techniques for your e-commerce business, invest time and money. Still, our SEO agency is out there offering the right methods to Bigcommerce SEO services and SEO strategy for your business. All you have to do this count days till we reach your success, and that won't take long!

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Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural web design. When performed correctly, Bigcommerce SEO enhances your site's visibility on search results pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase.

Throughout the Bigcommerce control panel, there are areas to enter content specifically for SEO purposes to help shoppers discover your products on search engines such as Google and Bing. Page titles, descriptions, and keywords can be filled in for content pages, category pages, product pages, and brands.

Bigcommerce's SEO capabilities are really easy to use, and that might be the main reason it is so commonly used among e-commerce store business owners. The platform is constructed with best practices in mind. But SEO will always require more tools and customization, and Bigcommerce is aware of that.

Different tactics can avail SEO on Bigcommerce. Usually, e-commerce business owners appoint differently experienced SEO agencies to do the work because even though the tools on Bigcommerce are free, they still need work. But if you're doing it yourself, you can start by making your content search engine optimized. Researching for the right keywords and using them in your content is one way. You can also interlink your website and use blog posts to promote it through social platforms. Even though it may seem easy to do it your way but it is recommended to hire an SEO agency so the work can run smoothly.

One way of improving SEO on Bigcommerce is by URLs. URLs are easy to search. Please don't use words that one might not think of using while searching for your brand. Also, Bigcommerce makes it easy to change the Meta description, page titles – elements that the search engine considers while ranking your website for search results. You can use this Big-commerce SEO tool to your advantage.